Technical and Vocational

Technical/Vocational craft Programs
1.    National Certificate in Woodwork Technology (NCWT)
2.    National Certificate in Welding and Fabrication (NCWF)
3.    National Certificate in Plumbing (NCPL)
4.    National Certificate in Automotive Mechanics (NCAM)
5.    National Certificate in Building Construction (NCBC)
6.    National Certificate in Electronics Technology (NCET)
7.    National Certificate in Electrical Installation Systems and Maintenance (NCES)
8.    National Certificate in Machining and Fitting (NCMF)
9.    Painters and Decorators Craft Course
10.    Tailoring and Cutting Garments
11.    Radio, Television Electronics Technicians’ Craft Course Part I
12.    Pottery and Ceramics
13.    Leather Tanning And Shoe Making
14.    National Certificate In Agriculture
15.    Agricultural Engineering Mechanics                

Technical Diploma Programs
1.    Higher National Diploma in Civil Engineering
2.    Higher National Diploma in Electrical Engineering
3.    Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
4.    National Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering        
5.    National Diploma in Water and Sanitation Engineering
6.    National Diploma in Architecture                    
7.    National Diploma in Electrical Engineering
8.    National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
9.    National Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning