Continuous Assessment

1. Students shall be assigned tasks or projects at the training institution and shall be continuously assessed by their Lecturers, Instructors or Teachers and marks shall be awarded at each stage of the project or task.

2. The Board shall in accordance with the principles of the world of work ensure the candidates are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes during the course of study. Training at institutional level shall therefore be competence based.

3. The assessment of competence shall take the participant’s knowledge, skills and attitudes into account but requires actual performance of the task as the primary source of evidence.

4. Training institutions shall allocate adequate resources to cater for continuous assessment

5. A candidate shall pass the course work for each paper at least with a minimum mark of 50%

Objectives of continuous assessment shall include

(a) To enable Lecturers, Instructors or Teachers to assess the extent to which Learners can apply acquired knowledge to real life projects

(b) To facilitate feedback to the student at the various stages of experience thus helps build self-confidence

(c)  To facilitates the development of critical skills and abilities in case of practical assessment emphasized by the subject and enhance the validity of the examination on which candidate’s performance is


(d)  To expose the student to the professional practices within the world of work environment before he or she is fully employed

Skills development and training

(1) UBTEB shall supplement skills development and training by conducting assessment/examinations that focus on applied knowledge, practical skills and attitudes.

(2) UBTEB shall achieve skills development and training through;

(a) Continuous assessment using manuals and guidelines provided for theoretical and practical skills training at all levels

(b) Continuous assessment of practical skills training shall be guided by the assessment tool/manual which shall be completed and well documented before a candidate sits for final examinations. The

institutions shall acquire the assessment tool/manual from the Board at a cost determined by the Board from time to time.