Customer Service

Saturday, November 2, 2019


All payments to UBTEB should be made to the bank account below;

UBTEB General Collection Account Number: 9030005776596 Stanbic Bank, IPS Branch.

We encourage you to exploit all the available E-banking options.


1.         To make payments to us, use the cash deposit slips in any Stanbic bank branch.

2.         Remember to include bank charges on payments made.

3.         After payments, proceed to accounts office to obtain a receipt

4.         After obtaining a receipt, go to the front desk for you to be guided on the next step.

5.         Payment mode accepted; accept bank drafts, EFT, RTGS and cash deposits.

6.         Cheque should be deposited on the UBTEB bank account and the deposit slip should be submitted at UBTEB Accounts office to get a receipt. We don’t receive cheques at UBTEB.

For details: call 0392-002468.



The Board is committed to excellent service to all our stakeholders. In the event of coronavirus, the Board has followed guidelines issued by Ministry of Health as follows;
1. We have installed sanitisers at the gate and entrance to the front office at all front office desks
2. We have shared information on coronavirus to all our stakeholders using our platforms.

We remained committed to the safety of our staff and clients.

Important Facts:

The pandemic:

The formal declaration by the WHO of COVID-19 or any other infectious disease as pandemic tells governments, agencies and aid organizations worldwide to shift efforts from containment to mitigation. It has economic, political and societal impacts on a global scale and the WHO takes extreme care when making this determination.

Quick Facts about Coronavirus:

As of March 13, the official numbers count excess of 120,000 cases in at least 114 countries. Eight countries, including the U.S., have more than 1,000 cases each, with China the most hit.

Precautions for the Public:

UNICEF and WHO emphasizes:


    Avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily.

  •  Wash hands with soap often.
  •  Sneeze responsibly in tissue and get rid of them immediately.
  •  Use sanitizers.
  •  Avoid crowded places.