Friday, February 14, 2020

Dear Heads of Examination Centres,
I am pleased to bring to your attention that today, 7th February 2020 the examinations results for the Uganda Community Polytechnics & Advanced Craft Certificate programs have been officially released by the Hon. Minister of Education and Sports. On behalf of the Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB), I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for enabling the Board to successfully perform in the previous and these current examinations. It gives me pleasure to thank you for your continuous endeavors and support rendered to the Board which enables it conduct these Examinations.

Generally, the performance of candidates in the Nov/Dec 2019 UCPC and Advanced Craft Examinations was generally very good across most programs.
We acknowledge and congratulate those students and the Heads of Examination Centers together with the staff for the big improvement being witnessed. However, institutions need to note the following for improvement;
a) Institutions that admit students to year two of the courses: Such admissions should only be for those who have completed Senior Three Class and have decided to pursue Community Polytechnic Certificate in Agriculture programs. Such a student must present all reports for S1 to S3 Term two or three and a recommendation letter from former School Head Teacher.
b) Some Institutions admit students for courses that are not accredited to their center by the Board, please desist from this act to avoid inconveniencing unsuspecting students. Such centers are being blocked from accessing registration system once discovered.
c) Scenario based questions should also be introduced during coursework assessment to expose candidates to the standards of National Examinations.
d) Students retaking previous papers should be encouraged to attend classes; it has been observed that some of them concentrate on work at the expense of their studies resulting in poor performance and failure to clear the failed papers.
e) Some centers need to improve and ensure that syllabus coverage, coursework assessments and Industrial Training assessment are done timely and marks submitted in time.
f) Heads of Centers should intensify supervision of teaching staff to ensure that the teaching is Competence Based and done in line with the Curriculum that is now assessed on Competence Based Assessment principles. Promotion of Research and Innovation for both the Instructors and trainees should be priority during the teaching to help trainees adopt to the new trends of application and problem solving.
g) Communication skills during training should be made mandatory to enable trainees improve and strengthen the command of the business / official languages.

During the conduct of these examinations, there were no reported cases of malpractice from all centers. On this note, the Board applauds the Heads of Centres for the support rendered to ensure the smooth conduct of the examinations. I encourage you to continue briefing the students on the dangers of getting involved in exam malpractice. Besides, Heads of Centers should ensure double checking of candidates prior to entering the examination rooms and also checking all other officially authorized books, instruments, tables to ascertain that there is no foreign and unauthorized materials smuggled in the examination rooms. The Public should note that with effect from November-December, 2019 examination series, the regulations approved by the Hon. Minister begun to apply. Any attempt to indulge in any malpractice even in one paper leads to cancellation of results of the entire semester. These regulations on examination offenses and their penalties have already been circulated in our communication channels including the website and social media platforms. So candidates should be guided prior to sitting of next examinations.
Centers which did not undertake projects but submitted “forged” project marks, have their results withheld awaiting clarification from them. However, we applaud the candidates and all those who showed integrity in handling examinations to ensure the cheating of examinations is stamped out of the system.

The present results are cumulative records of all previous results. This applies to both end of programmes and end of year / Semester examinations results. In case any candidate identifies any anomaly, it should be communicated through the Head of Centre to the Board by Friday 28th February 2020. AFTER THIS DATE, THE BOARD WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY COMPLAINT UNTIL AFTER THE RELEASE OF THE NOV/DEC 2020 UCPC AND ADVANCED CRAFT EXAMINATIONS RESULTS. THIS EVEN INCLUDES CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT MARKS THAT WILL
BECOME INVALID AFTER THIS DATE. Therefore, you are encouraged to give adequate guidance on this matter to the affected candidates and their parents/guardians.
Please NOTE the following on the released results;
a) For students who sat for retakes, their results have been updated, some candidates who did retake have failed those papers again and they should not assume that their retake marks were not updated. Paper codes of cumulative retakes are shown in the results lists.
b) Results with remarks MIS (ex), MIS (cw) or MIS (pr) indicate that a candidate did not have marks for final Examinations (ex), Coursework (cw) or Practical Marks (pr) respectively. Such marks should be submitted with clear explanations to the Board within the above date of lodging in complaints.
c) Some students sat for examinations when they were not registered for and had no registration numbers. Those scripts have NOT been marked since there was no identification of such candidates on the UBTEB system. Heads of Centers are advised NOT to submit those complaints to the Board, but register them for the next examinations for Nov-Dec 2020. The affected centers should desist from such acts hence forth.
d) Below each results list/ sheet are grading systems for the subjects and programs for guidance on the candidate’s results / grades obtained.

As you may be aware, Candidates that sit UBTEB Examinations are supposed to complete their programs of study within a specified time in the curriculum (in most cases 5 years). During this period, a candidate is expected to pass all his / her subjects in a program which leads to the Award of Certificate of completion in the respective programs of study.
The Board ensured great care during the processing of these results, nonetheless, where any anomalies exist and could have come with the register, e.g. incorrect gender, name (also order of naming), and date of birth among others, bring it to our attention immediately. The Board advises that such cases should be resolved as follows;
a) The Head of Center should log onto the system and make corrections on Date of birth, Nationality or wrongly spelt names or order of names. Such should not be reported to UBTEB unless the Transcript is printed.
b) All other complaints should be communicated online as follows;
i. The Head of Center will log onto the system;
ii. Locate and click on the menu “Complaints” on the left pane of the system window;
iii. Chose and click on All Complaints, High or Low priority list depending on the urgency. A new window will pop up;
iv. On the new window, click on “New Complaint” tab and enter the complaint;
v. Begin a complaint with candidate’s registration number, eg UBT001/2019/T/CP/A/001- Ogwang S.P- Missed marks for paper 853/01. Please rectify. Make the list of Candidates in the same category following the same format;
vi. When you finish typing complaint, click “Create Complain” tab;
vii. If you are submitting coursework marks, please use the usual hard copy method.

The Institutions will be printing their own results and the following are the instructions;
i. Visit the UBTEB website under downloads and look out for the file ‘Guide to online printing of results’, follow the manual and print the results. They can be got from the following URL: http://www.ubteb.go.ug/exams/results-released;
ii. However, for retake candidates’ results for those who first registered in Nov/Dec 2011 up to Nov/Dec 2016 the results are available for picking at the Secretariat. They will be picked by the Head of Centre or your authorized representative(s) from the Examinations Directorate upon clearance of all outstanding fees from Accounts Department.
iii. Incase of any anomaly identified, it should be communicated through the Head of Centre to the Board before the transcripts are printed.

The Transcripts of those candidates who have completed their studies successfully during these Nov/Dec 2019 examinations are printed and ready for picking but only for those institutions that have edited the Bio-data (bio-info) of their candidates on the new system. Institutions through their online registration officers are requested to edit their candidates’ biodata on the system before their transcripts are printed.
Do this as a matter of urgency so that you do not disadvantage the candidates to obtain the transcripts in good time.
Heads of Centers who have not yet picked the Certificates of completion for previous cohorts up to Nov/Dec 2018 are advised to urgently pick them from the Secretariat.
Finally, allow me once again to thank you for the cooperation accorded to the Board during the conduct of Nov-Dec 2019 examinations.
We shall always work with all stakeholders as we strive to fulfill our motto of "Setting pace for Quality Assessment"