UBTEB Area Coordinators urged to recruit professional teachers to supervise May/June 2017 Examinations

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board conducts two examinations series in a year and that is May/June and November /December. The Deputy Executive Secretary Dr. Wilfred Nahamya while addressing the Area Coordinators at UBTEB office on 10th May 2017 appealed to them to recruit professional Teachers and Lecturers from the Training institutions accredited by the Board and nearby Secondary schools. UBTEB will be conducting its 12th examinations series starting on 12th May 2017 up to 16th June 2017 at 140 examinations centers throughout the country.

The May/June 2017 examinations will be conducted in 3 phases. First phase examinations start on 12th May 2017, second phase starts on 26th May 2017 and third phase starts on 2nd June 2017. The Board has deployed a total of 46 Area Coordinators for the May/June 2017 examinations series. “The Board has requested the Secretariat to appoint examination supervisors directly so that we ensure that their professional experience and training is in harmony with the work of supervising our examinations” Nahamya informed the Area Coordinators. He however informed the Area coordinators that in the mean time they will continue to do the work on behalf of the Board.” We request you to recruit examination supervisors of high integrity and preferably professional Teachers. In case you fail to get credible people to deploy to supervise our examinations, kindly contact the Executive Secretary so that we get you people to assist.” Nahamya added.

During the briefing, the area coordinator for Kabale Police Station, Mr. Stephen Tusiime advised fellow Area Coordinators to officially write to Heads of Training institutions to recommend the desired number of staff to carry out the work of examination supervision. He informed members that this will ensure that the recommended staff are accountable and in position to do good work. “When you write to Heads of training institutions in your locality, you will be sure that people of high integrity are recommended to do a good job” Tusiime stated. The Area coordinators were advised on the number of their roles and guided on the regulations of UBTEB on the conduct of examinations. Area Coordinators were argued to ensure to brief the Examination supervisors together with the candidates so that there is harmonized working relationship.

In the new guidelines issued by UBTEB, no examination supervisor will be allowed to enter an examination room with a phone and also the students will be required to be checked thoroughly before accessing examination halls. “Ensure that a student check him or herself before being checked by the Supervisor. This will rule out cases of entering with phones and any other non authorized materials” Mary Gollet Nabunnya stated. Dr.Nahamya encouraged Area coordinators to work in harmony with reconnoiters and Police during the examination season so that there is smooth conduct of examinations. The security of examinations is critical it is dependent on all parties involved in the exercise.