Thursday, March 12, 2020

In line with the UBTEB mandate, the Board has released the registration circular for the conduct of the May/June 2020 examinations series. UBTEB shall commence the registration exercise for all candidates on 16th march 2020 to 22nd April 2020. Any candidate that shall miss the above deadline will register under late registration which will commence on 27th April 2020 to 30th April 2020 with 50% surcharge.

All heads of centres are encouraged to adhere to the rules on the conduct of competency-based examinations. The Board further encourages the heads of centres to guide students on the revised UBTEB rules on the conduct of assessment as approved in 2019 (copies can be accessed on the website).

“We have indicated all important dates for inspection and assessment of all continuous assessment as well as monitoring of Industrial training. The board shall not tolerate any cases of late submission of any continuous assessment reports since everything shall be automated. The Board shall equally conduct training of all registrars from training institutions in April 2020 on submission of continuous assessment reports online.” Executive Secretary UBTEB Mr Oyesigye Onesmus stated.

The Board wishes all heads of centres successful registration of all candidates.