Tuesday, November 23, 2021

UBTEB launched the celebrations of ten years of Competence based Assessment and Training on Tuesday 23rd November 2021 at Mestil Hotel, Kampala. The Minister congulaculated the Board upon celebrating 10 years of existence. ''The Ministry of Education and Sports associate with the journey and milestones registered during the UBTEB’s 10 years of service in TVET Assessment. The Government of Uganda reinforced this Board with policies and laws that have shaped the delivery and assessment of TVET in Uganda, the main ones being the TVET Policy, 2019, the BTVET Act, 2008 and Statutory Instrument 2009, No.9 which established UBTEB''. The Minister stated.
The Minister thanked UBTEB team for complying with all the Ministry Initiatives in strengthening TVET system in Uganda in addition to the critical the role played in assessing the TVET graduates to productively participate in national growth and development. The Ministry is proud to note that through UBTEB assessment, the implementation of some of the TVET reforms is on course.
The Ministry pledges to continue with the support to UBTEB systems and procedures of ensuring quality assessment of TVET candidates especially the Competence Based Assessment, the Capacity Building for TVET trainers, assessors and verifiers. This has made trainees more practical and possess hands on skills.
According to Mr. Onesmus Oyesigye (CPA) the UBTEB Executive Secretary in his speech said ''Ten years in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Assessment is a milestone. UBTEB is extremely happy and proud to be celebrating and marking this Anniversary as a very significant and remarkable milestone achieved. It is gratifying to celebrate the achievements anniversary as we are reshaping the future of TVET in Uganda at the global positioning''.
The story of UBTEB has increasingly been fine tuned to address the priorities and demand driven skills needed by the world of work. For instance from shared printing equipment with UNEB in 2013, today we celebrate the mini-printery that was installed by the Board to guarantee security and safety of examinations and assessments. The 10 years of UBTEB are a testimony of competitive growth and provides lessons for the future.
The skills landscape in Uganda and globally is changing and providing new opportunities and challenges. As the Board, we have undertaken and implemented interventions in line with the TVET Reforms.
Our partnership with the world of work, global membership are a testimony to the years of progress and achievement. Our next focus will be on ICT integration, automation of systems and modularized assessment. The future of the Board is outstanding and greatly promising in view of the great strides and commitment by Gov’t to TVET and the increasing interest in TVET by the industry players in Uganda.
To all our stakeholders, TVET graduate employers, UBTEB employees, TVET providers, the Media, I thank you for your continued commitment to UBTEB. We hope to share the celebration of 10th Anniversary with you at one of the events we have planned throughout the year. Our 10th anniversary celebrations will be climaxed on March 25, 2022 with a conference and dinner. The theme of the conference is “COMPETENCE BASED ASSESSMENT FOR COMPETITIVE LABOUR FORCE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT”.

The Board Chairperson informed the Minister and audience that the board envisions to undertake the following interventions in the next phase of moving forward.
1. Implementation of modularized assessment of all programmes examined by the Board
2. The completion of construction of UBTEB Assessment centre
3. The Construction of ware houses and laboratories at Namanve industrial park
4. Recruitment of more technical and professional human resources as per the approved staffing structure
5. More international and global partnerships in TVET assessment
6. Support towards the enactment of the TVET Bill
7. Support for establishment of National Technological University