Finance, Human Resource and Administration

Strategic Objective:

To strengthen Finance, Human Resource in order to achieve greater organizational and management effectiveness and efficiency of the Board.


The Directorate shall be supported by three departments; Finance and Accounting, Human Resource and Administration and Planning, Budgeting and Investment.  The Directorate shall be headed by the Deputy Executive Secretary, Finance, Human Resource and Administration.

The functions of the Directorate;

1)To promote professional financial and accounting practices for optimal performance

2)To attract and retain a high quality work force and to provide effective administrative support to achieve efficiency and effectiveness of the Board.

3)To plan, monitor and evaluate performance of the Corporate Strategy and enhance capacity of the Board to mobilize resources for sustainability.

Key Outputs of the Departments in the Directorate;

Finance and Accounts Department

Key Outputs:

i.Financial Management and Accounting standards enforced.

ii.Assets and liabilities managed.

iii.Bank Accounts  opened and managed

iv.Revenue collected and debtors managed.

v.Creditors paid. 

vi.Periodic Financial Reports prepared.

vii.Statutory deductions made and remitted.

viii.Board emoluments and staff remuneration paid.

ix.Response to Audit queries prepared.

x.Advise tendered on Financial management and tax matters.

Human Resource and Administration Department

Key Outputs:

i.Human Resource policies, regulations and practices developed and implemented 

ii.Human Resource plans and budgets prepared;

iii.Submissions for appointment, confirmation, discipline, transfer of staff in the Secretariat prepared;

iv.Payroll and staffing control system managed and maintained;

v.Personal   records for the staff in the Secretariat efficiently managed.

vi.Staff advised on career development and counseled;

vii.Technical departments advised on the interpretation of Human Resource Manual and other policies/issues;

viii.Submissions for terminal benefits processed and submitted to relevant authorities for necessary action;

ix.Performance of staff  appraised

x.Safe custody and maintenance of Board properties and assets ensured;

xi.Administrative support services to the Secretariat and the technical departments provided;

xii.Office premises, furniture and equipment maintained in good condition;

xiii.Distribution and use of office equipment, furniture and stationery coordinated;

xiv.Security of office premises, equipment and vehicles ensured;

Planning, Budgeting and Investments Department

Key Outputs

i.Strategic Plan developed

ii.Investment Plan developed

iii.Annual Work plans and Budgets developed

iv.Corporate Strategy monitored and evaluated.

v.Periodic Reports produced

vi.Resource mobilization strategy developed

vii.Strategic Partnerships identified and established.