Heads of Centers Urged to Adhere to Submission of Examinations' Results Complaints Online.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

In line with the automation of all the registration of candidates for assessment by the Board, the Heads of Centers have been argued to observe the guidelines in line with the online registration manual. Following the conduct of the training of all Academic Registrars on the use of Examinations Management Information Systems (EMIS), the Board receives online, all correspondences on candidates’ registration and examinations’ results. This has enabled effective service to our stakeholders.

However, the Board has noted that some Heads of Centers have encountered challenges in submitting candidates’ complaints on examinations results. In order to serve this category of affected Heads of Centers, the Board advises that such institutions can submit hard copies to the Secretariat addressed to the Executive Secretary. The Heads of Centers are advised to observe deadlines set by the Board for effective execution of scheduled tasks while observing the rules on the conduct of examinations and assessment.

Please see more details in the attached communication from the Executive Secretary