Executive Secretary

Strategic Objective

To provide the overall strategic leadership and management to the Directorates for smooth operation of the Secretariat. 


i.  To increase public awareness of the Board and its activities; and establish and maintain collaborations and partnerships

ii. To execute the procurement and disposal processes of the Board 

iii. To support the Board accomplish its objectives by bring a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes

iv. To Provide technical support and advise to the Board and ensure proper use and accountability of the Board resources

Key Outputs of the Office

i.  Activities of Directorates coordinated

ii. Board affairs managed  

iii. Accountability enforced 

iv. Information and communication strategy developed and implemented

v. Promotional materials designed and circulated

vi. Collaborations initiated and strengthened

vii. Press conferences organized

viii. Press releases issued

ix. UBTEB Policies disseminated

x. Updates on collaborations made

xi. IEC materials developed

xii. Website updated 

xiii. TVET national awareness plan designed and implemented

xiv. Benchmarking conducted

xv. Branding and publicity strategy developed and implemented

xvi. Procurement plan developed

xvii. Technical support rendered to users

xviii. Specifications and TORs developed

xix. Audit investigations conducted

xx. Audit reports prepared

xxi. Internal controls evaluated